You can be a Re-Seller of all of our packages. But it requires a long term commitment. As a reseller you can find as many as clients, we can custom the channels they want for yearly clients.

However it needs to be understood, for yearly clients, when they ask for specific channels. They gotta wait max 1-3 months while we set up encoder/ find good streams decode them/ putting them on servers/ getting EPG as mostly online payment processor pays us 2 weeks after they subscribe while temporary we give out a basic channel package aka basic menu such as


Resellers also gotta pay 500 credits upfront about 600$. You may be getting access to 10 000 channels in next 2-4months to sell to your clients

Reseller prices

1 Month = 10 credit

3 months = 30 credits

6 months = 60 credits

1 year = 120 credits

To Subscribe, pay below and send us transaction ID
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